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Sat, 8 June 2024
6:30pm @ Nimbin Bowling Club
77 Williams Rd, Wadevill

Book a Table at
Sibley's Bistro
(02) 6689 1473

Growing our community with stories

Nimbin Storytellers is a regular community event where we get together to share true stories that embrace the quirks of being human and all of life's joys, tears, wit, wisdom, and whimsy.

Come along to experience lived stories told live.

- 2024 Season -


- Sat, 3 February -

- Sat, 6 April -

* Fireside Stories @ Hanging Rock Hall *

Stories about digging deep, persevering, finding grit, and meeting yourself in a challenge.

Stories about mystical and inexplicable moments.

- Sat, 8 June -

Stories about the quandaries and tough decisions that alter the course of life. 

- Sat, 3 August -

Stories about finding bravery and determination in spite of fears and doubts.

- Sat, 28 September -
* Fireside Stories @ Hanging Rock Hall

- Sat, 7 December -
"Love & Laughter"

Stories about second chances, rediscoveries, reinventions, and reincarnations. 

Stories about the moments that brought people together with laughter. 

* Themes are open to creative interpretation and it's always great to hear the amazing variety of stories at each event.

- 2023 Season -

Hear stories from the 2023 season here:

Growing our community with stories

We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories.
There isn't a stronger connection between people than storytelling.
- Jimmy Niel Smith

Nimbin Storytellers is a place for people to come together and share a true personal story about something that, in some big or small way, has shaped who they are today.

The stories being shared are witty and light-hearted, tender and sad, inspiring and uplifting. The atmosphere is supportive and warm. We see that, despite our differences, everyone is trying their best to weave their way through this world. We discover our similarities and uniqueness.

Through this ancient ritual of storytelling, that is both modern and timeless, we find a connection with one another that feels essential and life affirming.

Story Group

Story Group is a great casual morning where we tease out our story ideas over a coffee. We hold these monthly groups as a way for people to prep and workshop their stories for our bimonthly Storytelling Nights and for newcomers to get a feel for oral storytelling. There is never any pressure to tell a story until you feel ready. 

Come along to learn more about us or to test the waters with a friendly, supportive group of local storytellers.


We meet on the third Sunday of the month at the Nimbin Bush Theatre Café, 10am-12pm. All are welcome.

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- Get in touch -

Want to pitch a story? Quick question?

Send us a note.

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