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- Tell a Story -

The ins & outs.

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We believe that everyone has lived a life full of stories worth telling and we'd love to hear yours!

How does live personal storytelling work?

You don't have to be a professional performer to tell a story, most of us aren't.

The concept is really quite simple; it is people from all walks of life telling their own stories to other kindred folk.


There are only a few ground rules:
  1. Each storyteller has approx. 10 minutes to tell their story.

  2. Stories are told, not read. We strongly encourage you not to use any notes on stage. However, it's okay if you need a few keywords to keep you on track, but please don't read your story word for word.

  3. The story must be true and yours to tell; i.e. a story about something that you personally experienced.

  4. Stories are inspired by the evening's chosen theme. Themes are open to creative interpretation and it's always great to hear the variety of stories on every theme.

  5. We ask tellers to sign a standard release form which gives their permission to be recorded and photographed for promotional use. This is voluntary and not a precondition of participation.

* Scroll down for our Code of Conduct.

Want to step on stage?

We always have some local tellers lined up for the night but we also encourage spontaneous stories.

We'd like to make sure we have tellers scheduled for each event, so please get in touch if you would like to tell your story.

  • Pick a theme from our current season and pitch your story in a few short sentences; email us the general gist to show how it relates to the theme, and remember to note the event's date/theme.

  • Or be spontaneous and put your hand up on the night!

* Contact details below.

- Next Event -

Sat, 6 April 2024

Theme for the night :


Stories about mystical and inexplicable moments.

Code of Conduct

We are a supportive group of people from all walks of life who love hearing and telling stories. We come together in the spirit of candid bonhomie; accepting of each others differences, appreciating the courage it takes to get up and tell a story, and practicing civility and respect on stage.


We also ask tellers to please be mindful of young children who may be in the audience.


Nimbin Storytellers is a platform for true, first-person storytelling; it is not the right place for philosophical musings, fictional stories, poetry, or stand up comedy routines.

Story Group

Story Group is a great casual morning where we tease out our story ideas over a coffee. We hold these monthly groups as a way for people to prep and workshop their stories for our bimonthly Storytelling Nights and for newcomers to get a feel for oral storytelling. There is never any pressure to tell a story until you feel ready. 

Come along to learn more about us or to test the waters with a friendly, supportive group of local storytellers.


We meet on the third Sunday of the month at the Nimbin Bush Theatre Café, 10am - 12pm. All are welcome.

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- Get in touch -

Want to pitch a story? Quick question?

Send us a note.

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Thanks for submitting!

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