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Catch up on past events.


Stories about the acts, rituals, kind gestures, and meals that nourish our being.

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Amid cheers for the Women's Soccer World Cup, six locals shared their personal stories of; baking an afternoon tea treat to nourish two special people and a budding relationship (Leanne Logan), how the precious milk from animals nourishes in more than one way (Emmy Jett), the many forms that nourishment can take and help sustain us throughout life (Vincent Stead), how a childhood dream of green trees and sparkling rivers led one teller from the oil fields of Texas to Nimbin (Cindy Thummel), the real value of a sunrise beach stroll with a wise and thoughtful grandmother (René), and how a community's care and acceptance nourished an elder in his last days (Demelza Blake).

We were also treated to the toe-tapping music of Paul Roguszka, local musician, singer and songwriter.


Thank you to Marie Therese for capturing the night's photos.

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