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Stories about digging deep, persevering, finding grit, and meeting yourself in a challenge.

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Music credit: Amanda King

* CW - Content Warning

At our first Storytelling Night of the year we took a deep dive into the theme of Endurance

We heard eight locals share their personal stories of; how some connections need a little endurance to bloom into something special (Cindy Thummel), the generosity from strangers that helps give you the endurance to cycle vast distances (Graham Jordan), learning that sometimes it takes less to endure the outback's wild elements than to endure a colleague's grousing (Richard Swinton), how William Blake's pebble and clod reminded him of a time he endured the strife of a political embargo and a jealous partner (Warwick Fry), pushing one's creative limit to get into the Guiness Book of Records (Maxx Maxted), how the lesson learnt in witnessing a majestic creature in captivity changes with distance and time (Leanne Logan), discovering an unlikely dwelling on a remote bush track where one could disappear (Maree Therese), and how an unsuspecting school teacher endured the terrorism of a pack of fiendish boys (Danny).

We also had the pleasure of Andra's beautiful, original songs. 


Thank you to Marie Therese for capturing the night's photos.

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