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Catch up on past events.


Stories about experiences of something that felt mystical or inexplicable,
wondrous or mesmerising.
Something that felt enchanted.

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* Recordings coming soon.

At our first ever Fireside Stories we gathered under the night sky to stories in this timeless way on the theme of Enchanted

Frank Taylor told the legend of Hanging Rock Hall's origin as written by the talented founding member, Anne. We also heard five locals share their personal stories of; witnessing a mesmerizing, other worldly New Year's ritual on the freezing Tibetan plateau (Cath Smith), experiencing four distinct moments of awareness that led him to a precious insight (Gwylim Summers), finding enchantment in the many wonderful avenues for exploring his intellectual curiosities (Warwick Fry), how getting lost on a remote mountainous track in the rain forest led her to stumble upon a beautiful Winter Solstice community celebration (Marie Therese), and about uncovering an opportunity to relive a childhood enchantment (René Norwie). 

We also had the pleasure of Andra Cordell's beautiful, original songs. 


Thank you to Marie Therese and Gwylim Summers for capturing the night's photos.

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