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Catch up on past events.


Stories about the quandaries, tough decisions, and unexpected events that alter the course of life.

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* Recordings coming soon.

On a chilly midwinter’s night we came together at the Nimbin Bowling Club to explore the theme of Crossroads, where we heard eight locals share their remarkable personal stories of:

  • how the nature of travel and encountering other cultures can place us in unlikely, surreal situations (Tim Baker), 

  • how experiencing first hand a massacre in Guatemala steeled his resolve to pay witness to inhumanity by becoming a journalist (Warwick Fry), 

  • making a choice between sitting on the sidelines and charging in when life presents us with an opportunity (Cindy Thummel), 

  • taking an intentional decision to manifest fulfilling, meaningful experiences (Melaina Faranda),

  • a modern Western that unfolded at a crossroads in Chihuahua, Mexico, that left her with a lasting desire for peace (Emily Jett),

  • a tragic accident that brought his life to the kind of crossroads we pray never befalls anyone (Danny Miles),

  • finding herself at a moral crossroads which brought her values into stark contrast with her needs (Leanne Logan),

  • how his life resembled navigating through a maze of opportunities and choices that brought him to a place of contentment (Richard Swinton).


Thank you to Gwilym S. for capturing the night's photos.

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