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Live nonfiction storytelling.

Live nonfiction storytelling.

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- Workshops -

Get the know-how

Tell Your Stories Well

Oral Storytelling / Life Story Writing

- Workshop -

A practical workshop in creative nonfiction with Graeme Gibson.

  • Tuesday, 16 May, 10am-1pm 

  • @ the Bowlo, 25 Sibley Street, Nimbin

  • $15 p/person (cash on the day)

  • Bring writing materials and lunch. Morning tea provided.

  • To book, email


Whether you have a specific story in mind, or if you are coming with a blank slate, this workshop is for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to tell their stories well.


This workshop has a focus on oral storytelling but will also support all areas of interest, including memoir, family history, personal essay, travel diary, local history and feature article.

A range of exercises and discussions progressively build upon each other. Getting started can be the hardest part but it doesn’t have to be, especially when the right side of the brain comes into play. The writer’s voice, finding an opening hook and sensory language get attention. Turning facts into a compelling story is at the heart of the workshop which explores the writer’s maxim, Show, Don’t Tell.


Workshop participants are encouraged to tell an Aquarius inspired story at the storytelling event on Friday, 19 May, although it is not a prerequisite for doing the workshop and we welcome everyone who is interested to join in.


Workshop presenter – Graeme Gibson

Drawing on his background in adult learning, Graeme Gibson has presented writing workshops since 2007. He has contributed to a number of short story collections and had essays and feature articles published. He has self-published 'Beyond Fear and Loathing: Local politics at work,' and a memoir, 'In Life There is Luck: A memoir of an ordinary life with reflections on memoir writing.' The memoir is supported by 'A Pocket Guide to Memoir Writing.'

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